The Ticklers team up with DJ duo: Swedish Dyke Vibes

The Ticklers love to party, so when we met the duo called “Swedish Dyke Vibes” it felt like the most natural thing in the world to team up. Tickler now supports their world world tour as well as their upcoming parties and events.

What makes Swedish Dyke Vibes so fabulous and special are their progressive party choice of dance music and their skills in combining a tight commercial dance-set. They also have the skills and love of music to deliver various dj-sets with electronic underground music with a range from techhouse to electro. And it’s all about sex!

After standing ovations and remarkable accolades for their magical entertainment skills the girls are heading into the recording studio to start producing their own music and are currently working with the Swedish House producer Les Domains. Their first dance tune will be released sometime during the fall…so keep your eyes and ears open for that sexy base tune.

Swedish Dyke Vibes are the gorgeous and famous dyke blogger Gunn Lundemo who was born dexterous with a natural feeling to the beat. Katja Gustafsson is the music genius with technical skills and has a rhythm that will blow you away. Katja also give dj-workshops and has been a professional dj for six years touring around world cities like Barcelona, Helsinki, Hamburg, Geneva, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Åland, Florence, Ottowa, Berlin, Malmö, Gothenburg, Munich, Copenhagen, Toronto, Oslo, Paris, London, Montréal and so on. Together the success is a fact and they also run the famous dykeclub “club KG” in Sweden.

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