About Us

Tickler was founded in 2009 by a group of people who felt it was time to add something new to themselves and the world. Coming from a range of different backgrounds we decided to pool our different professional backgrounds and let loose our creativity and all the fun we had bottled up inside. As our backgrounds included creating the finest sex-toys in the world it was natural for us to start with vibrators. And after all, they do create lots of fun! But there will be a variety of things to come, at least that is what we are working towards.

We are based in Stockholm and Shanghai, but there are Ticklers all around the world working with us. The joy of a good tickle (physical or mental) is not restricted to any country, race or gender; a tickle will always put a smile on your face. So please join us by buying a Tickler, coming to a Tickler party, asking your friends and family which Tickler they are, and/or joining the Tickler community. You are most welcome!

And please do not forget the International Tickler Day on the 23d of June; remember to give all your friends, colleagues and family a good tickle!